Official 1.25% Indians, 0.75% Kayah) Official Languages: Burmese,

Official Name: Republic of the Union of Myanmar


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Population: 53,569,078 (68% Bamar, 9% Shan,
7% Kayin,
2.5% Other groups, 3.5% Rakhine,
2.5% Han-Chinese,
2% Mon, 1.5% Kachin,
1.25% Indians,
0.75% Kayah)
Official Languages: Burmese, English, Shan, Karen
Languages, Kachin, Mon
Religions: 89.2% Buddhism, 5.0% Christianity,
3.8% Islam , 0.5% Hinduism, 1.2% Spiritualism

President: Htin Kyaw
Prime Minister: –
State Counselor: Aung San Suu Kyi
Type of Government: Unitary presidential constitutional
Legislature/Decision-Making body: Parliament

Main Contributors: Agriculture, port trading
More Economically Developed Country
Major Imports: Petroleum products, machinery, transport equipment,
construction materials, foodstuffs
Major Exports: Natural gas, precious and
semi-precious minerals, wood products, agricultural products, marine products,
foodstuffs, consumer goods
Main Trading Partners: China, India, Japan, Indonesia,
Germany, Hong-Kong

Communication: Television and phone networks run by
government, internet owned by companies such as Myanmar Teleport, Yatanarpon Teleport, Information
Technology Central Services (ITCS)
Transport: Transport sector under-developed for
a country of its size, population, and potential. However, public transport
system present (taxis, buses, railways) and improving (port and highway

Sanitation: Clean water is not easily available
throughout the country, improved sanitation not accessible to all but steps
are being taken to improve condition of both.

Unique Traits: Greatly influenced by Buddhism and
Mon people
Unique Foods: Mohinga, laphet thohk, buthi kyaw,
Attitude to the Arts: Censorship on performances and
artistic work
Sports: Spectator and participatory sports
(football, golf, chinlone, lethwei/kickboxing) hugely popular in Myanmar
Festivals: Thingyan, Kasone,
Nayon, Waso, Wagaung, Tazaungdaing, Nadaw, Tabaung.

Location: Tropic of Cancer
Important Neighbours: Bangladesh, China, India, Laos,
Unique Geography: Shares borders with Bangladesh, China,
India, Lao PDR and Thailand, strategically located at the crossroads of
China, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Ranks first as the ‘most at risk’
country in Asia the Pacific according to UN Risk Model. The country is
vulnerable to a wide range of hazards, including floods, cyclones,
earthquakes, landslides and tsunamis.

3 Relevant Points for Topic 1
1.     Myanmar has made – and is making –
significant efforts to eliminate trafficking in persons, such as
a.     reducing recruitment and use of child
b.     increasing number of personnel
dedicated to anti-trafficking law enforcement units;
c.     strengthening efforts to identify and
demobilise children recruited into military ranks.

2.     The 2005 Anti-Trafficking in Persons
Law criminalises all forms of sex and labour trafficking.

3.     On 13 March 2014, the Government of
the Union of Myanmar and the Government of Australia signed the Cooperation
Agreement on Anti-trafficking in Persons.

3 Relevant Points for Topic 2
1.     There is difficulty letting foreign
aid workers into Myanmar due to
a.     needing to safeguard people providing
humanitarian aid;
b.     the risk of causing more chaos when
third parties get involved in conflict zones;
that aid deliveries could be used to smuggle weapons to the Arakan Rohingya
Salvation Army (ARSA).

2.     State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi has said Myanmar is
ready to start a process agreed with Bangladesh in 1993 under which anyone
verified as a refugee will be accepted back.

Many Rohingya are wary
about returning without an assurance of citizenship, which they fear could
leave them vulnerable to persecution and discrimination. However, The United Nations refugee agency will
provide technical assistance to the Myanmar government in the processing and
verifying of citizenship for Rohingya to resolve the humanitarian crisis.



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