Working From Home Through The Traveling Vineyard

The modern work schedule is something of a chore. We get up everyday, we commute, and we do our job until it’s time to go home. Naturally you probably want to find a way to escape all of that. Fortunately, there is a way to go into business for yourself and get out of the rat race. The Traveling Vineyard offers these exact sort of opportunities for anyone who wants to explore them.

A Business Model For Success

The Traveling Vineyard is taking the traditional ideas of the wine industry and turning everything on its head. Instead of focusing on just a few vineyards in a select location, the Traveling Vineyard uses meetings known as Harvests to spread the word to people everywhere through wine guides. These wine guides aren’t employees but instead their own bosses. So far the business model is paying off and the Traveling Vineyard is seeing success on an unprecedented scale. You can look through social media and find plenty of stories of people joining The Traveling Vineyard and hosting wine tasting parties in their homes.

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A New Career For A New Life

The best thing about deciding to become a wine guide for the Traveling Vineyard is the complete control you have over everything you do. You can set your own hours and you can decide how much energy you’ll put into it. If you want to work a few hours a week you can do that, but if you want a more time extensive approach that’s possible too. The flexibility is the reason you find so many different types of people deciding to enter this field.

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Going Into Business For Yourself

Understanding the benefits of working for the Traveling Vineyard it isn’t hard to see why there are so many people who want to work as a wine guide. There average wine guide makes about $100 per Harvest meeting, but it is certainly possible to make even more if you decide to put the effort towards it. Whether you’re looking for some side income or a new life, you’ll find exactly what you want working for the Traveling Vineyard.

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