Why Madison Street Capital Is One of the Best Firms For Raising Capital

When airports, staff in charge of managing the safety of the nation’s nuclear reactors and police departments need someone to help keep the information technology systems that they rely on safe they turn to ARES Security Corporation. According to Benzinga.com, ARES Security Corporation is an enterprise security risk management company that is based in Virginia. The company specializes in creating and delivering technology-based interventions that help companies anticipate and avoid threats to their cybersecurity. Their services allow organizations and governments to be at ease by providing software that provides more protection than a simple firewall and by employing teams of experienced cybersecurity analysts who help enhance an organization’s ability to identify and eliminate malicious cyber attacks that seek to derail and comprise their objectives and safety.


Organizations like seaports, navy fuel facilities and government agencies turn to ARES Security Corporation when they are in need of cybersecurity services but who does ARES look to when it needs to assess the overall value of its business and seek more resources to grow it? It looks to companies like Madison Street Capital.


Madison Street Capital is an investment management firm whose services have enabled it to gain the respect of companies that are located in diverse markets and industries across the world. The firm has offices in West Africa and Asia that give it a global reach and roots in the United States that allow it to effectively serve a wide variety of clients including companies like ARES Security Corporation that work in industries as dynamic and as primed for growth as the cybersecurity industry.


In January of 2017, Madison Street Capital announced the conclusion of a successful financial relationship that it negotiated between an equity fund known as Corbel Structured Equity Partners and ARES Security Corporation. The deal involved arranging subordinated debt reinvestment and minority equity. The deal speaks to the Madison Street Capital reputation for handling transactions that revolve around capital raising. Madison Street Capital prides itself on being able to provide its clients with its experience with a wide array of capital raising options for clients that are interested in seeking funding.


Through its network and the talent of members of its senior team like Senior Managing Director Reginald McGaugh who helped to broker ARES’s deal with Corbel Structured Equity Partners, Madison Street Capital is able to provide its clients with access to funding options that include but are not limited to angel investment, venture capital, commercial banking and private equity funds.

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