What to Know About the Career Journey of Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian Businessman who deals in advertising. He founded Neogama in 1999, which is amongst the top 20 advertising agencies in Brazil. He is the CEO of the Company. Before starting his owned Company, Gama had worked as the Chief Creative Officer at British BBH where he managed to be at the top of the communication agencies network globally. He was the only Brazillian who has been part of Global Creative Board leaders group known as Global Publicis Group.

Gama is a graduate of Penteado Foundation where he obtained a degree in Advertising and Propaganda. After graduating in 1982, Alexandre Gama started working for Standart Ogilvy as a copywriter. He then moved to DM9 in 1990 where he also worked as a copywriter. Gama worked in this Company for four years and emerged as the highly awarded writer in Brazil. Among other organizations where Gama has worked is AlmaBBDO as the president of creation. Between 1996 and 1999, Gama also worked for Young $ Rubicam as the CEO.

In 2008, Alexandre Gama was awarded at Cannes Film Festival organized in France. He later participated in these Festivals up to 2016 where he has won a total of 23 Lions. In 2012, Gama became a member of Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies. This Agency defends and publicizes interests of Brazilian agencies dealing with the Communication.

In 2014, Gama presented his outstanding work on Ideia Form-Alexandre Gama at Brazilian Art Museum. It was in the same year he founded VIOLAB project that entailed a music studio, a radio program, and a you-tube channel. In 2016, Gama became a board member of Global Creative Board that analyzes strategies and plans business possibilities.

Neogama Company was joined to British BBH in 2002 to form Neogama/BBH which was the youngest Agency to ever win Cabore Prize and also the first to win two Golden Lions at the Cannes Festival.in 2016, Neogama was disconnected from BBH.

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