What Does Jason Hope Believe The Future Has In Store For Us?

Recently, tech entrepreneur Jason Hope gave some predictions about the future of the tech industry. He is a firm believer in the power of the Internet of Things and believes it will bring about some of the most profound changes in the way we live our lives. Currently, the Internet of Things exists but it is mostly used in entertainment devices such as televisions. Eventually, IoT will expand to make our lives better in ways previously unimaginable.

Internet Of Things Technology

When we use the internet our connected devices gather and share data with each other. This enables everything from video chat to instantaneous stock exchanges. The Internet of Things will allow “smart” homes and self driving vehicles to take off. One day, our houses might wake us up, prepare our breakfast, and handle our chores for us.

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Life In The Age Of Technology

The Internet of Things won’t just change the way we live. It will change the way software developers do business as well. Currently, software developers are fixated on creating new apps to compete against the existing market. In the future, app developers will focus on ways for apps to work together and form a sort of virtual ecosystem. IoT app sharing will also change the definition of a connected device. We think of our phones as connected, but we rarely consider the possibilities of connected toasters or connected lights. That opens up an entirely new world of software development.

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The End Of Aging

Beyond his interest in IoT, Jason Hope is fascinated with the work of the Strategies for Engineering Negligible Senescence. At the SENS Institute, researchers look for ways to prevent and reverse aging. Traditionally, aging is seen as a natural part of life to accept, but SENS Institute believes aging is a disease. Just like we wouldn’t simply accept diabetes or heart disease, we should not accept aging. The research topics covered by the SENS Institute include everything from drugs to fight aging to ways to lengthen telomeres. If these scientists are successful, Hope may one day talk about them the same way he talks about the Internet of Things today.

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