There Are Numerous Eco-Conscious Destinations Including Those Offered By WildArk

The mission of WildArk is to protect rich biodiversity’s, secure identified green belts, and conserve wildlife. They provide the opportunity for people to reconnect with nature and try to create the inspiration required for them to protect the earth. The company was founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson due to the concerns they have regarding the wild places of the world. They strive to protect these places for the enjoyment of future generations.


All the adventures available at WildArk contribute to conservation. Their criteria are sustainability, low impact, and the protection of a species or ecosystem. Traveling to these locations make people feel good while protecting natural resources and the wildlife. Some of their destinations include African safaris with African born, mobile tented safaris in Botswana, a 7-day African wilderness experience, and the Londolozi game reserve in South Africa.


The Republic of Palau consists of over 500 islands in the Pacific Ocean and is located between Guam and the Philippines. This is an incredible choice for a getaway on the beach and is renowned for the diving. The area shows minimal impaction from humans and is not prone to mass tourism. The government makes the effort to protect the waters and natural environment and has declared 500 miles of reefs as specific zones where fishing is not allowed. This has resulted in the area being repopulated by numerous species of endangered fish.


Kenya offers sensational savannahs of safaris and contains some of the most majestic animals on the planet. Kenya contains fifty national preserves and parks and the government is careful with the national resources. The gorgeous flora and fauna is protected by education and community outreach projects. Visitors can visit the coastline and see amazing beaches of white sand or dive into amazing coral reefs. The lodges located in Kenya adhere to strict environmental policies so tourists understand the impact they have on the local government. Kenya is a popular destination between June and October.


Taking a vacation can be a glorious experience and remain conservative and eco-conscious. The world offers many lovely destinations for enjoyment that still preserve the wild.

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