The changes that have been made to the top leadership of InnovaCare

Not so many years ago, the concept of managed health care services was completely new in Puerto Rico. When InnovaCare got to the scene, the country started understanding how much better the provision of health care would be when there was a company providing Medicare advantage and physician practice services. Today, the company has infiltrated the country and has a membership of close to quarter of a million people. They have also managed to employ 7,500 providers of their services. The next frontier for InnovaCare is spreading their wings so that they can reach other destinations and become viable globally on To make this happen, they have been making changes to their top leadership.

Richard Shinto
Before Shinto joined InnovaCare, he was working for Aventa, Inc, which is also a Medicare Company. Rick Shinto is a graduate of the State University of New York where he got his medical degree. In addition to working with Medicare and Medicaid programs, Richard is an avid writer and he has many books out on clinical medicine. His experience and training in the healthcare industry therefore makes him the ideal candidate for the post that he holds at InnovaCare, that of the CEO.

Penelope Kokkinides
Before Penelope Kokkinides joined the company, she was working with government Medicare and Medicaid programs. Her lifelong interest has been programs that have the interests of the masses at heart. She has worked as a CEO at CenterLight and COO at the Touchstone Health Group. Other organizations that she worked with include the United Health Group. Her experience with health service delivery to the masses spans over two decades, something that makes her very qualified for her position as the new CAO at InnovaCare Health.

About InnovaCare
InnovaCare Health started their operation in Puerto Rico in 2011. They chose the destination because the concept of managed health care was new to them. Although the company has had its fair share of up and down, the fashion in which they rise from the adversities that are part of the business growth. The ownership of InnovaCare Health believes that one of the things that businesses must do if they want results is making sure that the right people are leading the company.


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    The process they follow in getting the best talent to lead them is one of the reasons they will make it in their next frontier. For this duo and the others, the sky is the limit. That is exactly what superior writer would have assumed that to be for a long time.

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