Take Your Wedding Photos at Hyde Park or the Old Westbury Gardens

Built for America’s most elite families, mansions often make beautiful places to take wedding photos. Many allow photographers to capture the unique indoor architecture making them the perfect setting for any time of year. Even more have beautiful gardens that can serve as the perfect backdrop.

Hyde Park, New York

The Beaux-Arts Vanderbilt Mansion sits high on a cliff overlooking the Hudson River with the Catskill Mountains in the background. The formal Italian gardens are a beautiful location for wedding photos. Couples are welcome to bring their dogs making this a great choice for pet lovers.

Westbury, New York

John Shaffer Phipps promised his wife a beautiful English garden when he asked her to marry him. Today, you can use the Old Westbury Gardens as a stunning place to have your wedding photos taken. This property was used in the filming of Love Story making it a great location for couples planning a theme wedding.

Regardless of where you decide to get your wedding photos taken, remember that you will need your own wedding photographer. Therefore, contact George Street Photos and Video in Chicago today.


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