Squaw Valley Issued an Extended Statement over Water Quality Concern

Squaw Valley has recently issued a statement about the concern over the water quality in the upper mountains. Three out of four wells in the area have been showing low levels of coliform, but no E. Coli has been detected. Restaurants at the resort continue to remain closed and skiers are not allowed to drink the water while the issue is currently being resolved. The water is continuing to be treated until it has reached safe levels once again.

The gist of the statement issued by Squaw Valley states that due to the heavy rainstorm in October, it affected several water systems found in Placer County. Over the summer Squaw Valley had an upgraded water system installed at Gold Coast and High Camp which resulted in the contamination of the new system.

Thankfully, Squaw Valley went on to state that no other water systems were affected. The contaminated water was also not available to the public at any given time, so there is no risk of anyone consuming it.

The contamination was discovered during routine testing and the Placer County Environmental Health and Squaw Valley Public Service District were contacted immediately. Squaw Valley has already been in the process of taking the necessary steps to address the issue and will continue to do so until the water levels have returned to normal.

Squaw Valley’s statement also went on to state that the safety of their customers comes first. They take the issue of the contaminated water seriously and do not want to risk any safety issues at their resort. While the issue is being tended to their guests at Gold Coast and High Camp will continue to have normal and full access to their facilities which includes free bottled water to drink. They have been taking extra measures to keep their guests up to date on the water situation and when experts will be able to confirm the issue has been resolved.

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