Sports Leads To Business Success For IDLife Founder Logan Stout

The long and successful career of sports coaching and lifestyle expert Logan Stout has gone from strength to strength over the years as the founder and CEO of IDLife has moved into the business world with his successful shakes and energy drinks business. In his career as an athlete Long Stout has moved through many different areas of interest, beginning his career as a college basketball and baseball player; after completing his education with a high scoring degree, Logan Stout moved into the baseball playing and coaching arena where he appeared in 17 World Series events as both a participant and coach.

The Prince graduate has made a success of every aspect of his life and remains a strong believer in the power of faith to assist in his movement towards a better life. Stout has coached at many prestigious colleges and maintained his personal development by retaining a position as a youth minister throughout his career, including his stint as both a minister and coach at Dallas Baptist University.

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After feeling there was a gap in the market for nutritional and energy products, Logan Stout began his own business bringing a high-quality offer of scientifically created shakes and drinks designed for anybody looking to make their life fitter and healthier. Stout established IDLife with the aim of bringing a better quality of nutritional product to every individual from professional athletes through to people simply looking to regain their fitness as they grow older.

Nutritional shakes can make a major difference in the lives of both those who drink them or decide to sell them as part of the IDLife network. Among the benefits for individual sales people working with IDLife is a fast return on payments that can be seen in as little as 72 hours without the need to purchase large amounts of inventory.

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