Philip Diehl Updates Web Page for the U.S. Money Reserve

The Romans during the 300s B.C. began making coins. By 269 B.C. the Romans issued the silver denarius contemporaneous with the new silver currency. In the 1800s U.S. monetary policies began to favor silver. Large quantities of silver were mined spiking its price until the government stopped buying silver.

The U.S dollar was backed by gold. As a result, individual ownership of gold was legally banned. In 1973 the United States and other developed countries abandoned the gold standard opening up the legal right to own gold. There was no restriction on the ownership of silver. However, the intrinsic value of both gold and silver is measured by the intrinsic value of the dollar standard.

Thus, when the inherent value of the dollar fluctuates, for any mired of reasons, the value of both gold and silver reflect this fluctuation. One can buy silver and gold either for survival purposes, thinking that the market in dollars will crash or the investment purposes.

The safest way to purchase precious metal bullion and coins is from the private dealer that has the impeccable reputation, which defines the U.S., Money Reserves. The president of the U.S. Money Reserve is Mr. Diehl, who enacted the 50 State Quarters program.

The U.S. Money Reserve is essentially one of the world’s largest distributor of precious coins of U.S gold and silver coins. Its employees are numismatic experts with a sophisticated knowledge of the market and have served thousands of clients nationally.

The U.S. Money Reserve concentrates its efforts on United States legal tender coins from the United States Mint. United States Government approved coins for their weight, content, and purity are offered to the investing public.

Only the highest quality bullion coins are offered which consist of certified gold, silver, and platinum coins. The U.S Mint Reserve has shipped two million coins from its Main Vault Facility with the retail price of over one billion dollars.  Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve:

The U.S. Mint Reserve has a unique online shop allowing its client to enter into a competition on the pricing of gold and silver bullion and bars. The buying power of the U.S. Money Reserve is heads above its competition. Thus, a precious coin purchased through U.S. Money Reserves enhances each coin’s investment value.

According to Crunchbase, U.S. Money Reserve offers the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) for encapsulation. This labeling process authenticates the coin with the coin’s date if any mintmark, denomination, identification number, and grade.

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