WEN: The Revolutionary Hair Care Line That Loves Your Hair

WEN by Chaz Dean (@CHAZDEAN) is a not so typical hair care line in the best way possible. Women love their hair and making sure your hair stays beautiful and healthy is a concern a lot of women have. That’s why Chaz Dean formulated revolutionary hair care products to eliminate… Read more »

Dondero Appointed to SMU Board

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According to PR Newswire, James Dondero has recently been appointed to the Executive board for the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. Dondero is the co-founder and current President of Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital already has a relationship with Highland Capital, because they endow a scholarship for them…. Read more »

The changes that have been made to the top leadership of InnovaCare

Not so many years ago, the concept of managed health care services was completely new in Puerto Rico. When InnovaCare got to the scene, the country started understanding how much better the provision of health care would be when there was a company providing Medicare advantage and physician practice services…. Read more »

Dick DeVos: How An Entrepreneur From Michigan Became One Of The Most Successful Men In The World

Today, Dick DeVos is a man whose accomplishments are widely known across the world, with an estimated net worth of $5.1 billion. As President of The Windquest Group, and a contributor to several charities, his achievements are remarkable for one man who is just 61 years of age. However, DeVos’… Read more »

Michael Zomber Provides Insight into The History Channel

There is so much to learn in this world. No one knows everything. Some people know more about certain topics than others, but knowledge is spread across many people. This allows people to learn from many different people about many different topics and subjects. Regarding knowledge, one of the best… Read more »

Norka Luque’s Music Finds Its Way to Top Music Charts

There has not been a pop musician lately who has crossed over to mainstream music like Shakira did. However, Norka Luque is a Venezuelan singer that is doing just that. Her first single song rocked the Latino music industry. She later released a single song titled Milagro. It crossed over… Read more »