Omar Boraie– Businessman and Patron of the Community of New Brunswick

Most of the real estate developers in the United States of America spend billion on properties located in the most exclusive of locations and deal with real estate only when the property is luxurious and high maintenance. Those kind of markets are usually the most crowded ones, and there is so much competition that business people are forced to spend more to get ahead of others. Click here for more info about Sam Boraie:

Egyptian real estate developer Mr Omar Boraie, however, is one of the minorities of people in business that have come to realise how profitable smaller markets can potentially be.  Mr Omar Boraie is a real estate businessman, a philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He is also the owner and Vice President of a real estate development company called Boraie Development. Mr Omar Boraie was the one who transformed the moribund housing market of New Brunswick and revived it for new life.

The citizens of New Brunswick were quite shocked when they learned that a leading real estate developer travelled all the way from Egypt with big plans for the revival of the area. Mr Omar Boraie set out to build community houses, modern buildings, luxury apartments and more. The neighbourhood that Mr Omar Boraie was planning on building in was a dying one. Citizens thought that he would give up because the area is nowhere near as exclusive and desired as other markets for the business of real estate. Through his company Boraie Development and his vast and skilled team of professionals, Mr Omar Boraie worked on his projects until completion – Albany Street Plaza, Aspire Street, and Rector Street. Those projects are some of his most famous ones. These three projects transformed the look and feel of New Brunswick as well as the community of the city. After the projects in New Brunswick had been complete, Mr Omar Boraie moved on to fulfil his other plans in Atlantic City and Newark. These projects are still ongoing. Visit NJBiz for more info.

Mr Omar Boraie does not only have a passion for real estate business and entrepreneurship. He is also one of the leading philanthropists in the area of New Brunswick. He actively takes part in the social events and the life and development of the community, reveals Patch. Mr Omar Boraie is a part of the Board of Trustees for the State Theater of the city of New Brunswick. He has donated to a significant number of social causes to help out the community. One of those donations is the sponsorship that the State Theatre has received fo host their annual summer events. Mr Omar Boraie is also part of the advise board for Elijah’s Promise – a nonprofit organisation that provides food for the homeless and uses food as an incentive and a tool to transform the community and help the hungry achieve a new life and thrive. The city of New Brunswick started calling him Sam instead of Omar as a way to show how welcome he is and that he is part of the family of New Brunswick.

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    Such markets have close to no competition, properties are a lot less expensive and most o the communities welcome the chance to drive new life to the area. This is the closest of what has been able to decipher and that alone would go a long way in helping them.

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