Nationwide Title Clearing Facilitates The Online Ordering Of Property Reports

In the recent years, the real estate industry has been plagued by issues of title defects, resulting into numerous wrongful disclosures and delayed transition of assets in the secondary market. Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) Company has developed an innovative strategy to solve this menace by making reports accessible online. NTC’s executives asserted that property records play a pivotal role in clearing title conveyance. By paying keen attention to property records, one is able to reduce the risk of buyback or failure to foreclose. The most common cause of title defect arises when one lays claim to a property that is under a different ownership. However, other factors like omission of necessary signature or wording mistakes in the document can lead to such defects.


Individuals are required to observe documentation requirements based on the real estate standards. Through NTC’s revamped website, clients can now access Assignment Verification Report services, Tax Status Records, Tax Status (Plus) Reports, and Current Owner Reports. The online ordering process is simple and fast, as it is based on actual land reports obtained from the counties. When data is collected from different regions, it is collated and automated. In addition, human verification helps to enhance the accuracy of the details of a given property. This process enables NTC to serve most of the top lenders in the United States under highly restricted compliance regulations. With the improved system, it is now easy for people to know the status of a property before they engage to purchase it. This information was originally mentioned on National Mortgage News as explained in the following link


About Nationwide Title Clearing

NTC provides post-closing services to servicers, investors and leading financial institutions in the country. The company is reputable for its accurate research processes. The entity’s reports aims to protect property owners from instances of title defects. Notably, NTC’s operations comply with all recording jurisdiction requirements nationwide. There are approximately 3,600 jurisdictions. The corporation assists clients to access property reports, land records research, assignment services, lien release services, final document tracking, and document retrieval among other custom services. Due to its outstanding performance, NTC has won several awards, including being listed among the fastest growing companies in both Tampa Bay and the US. Lastly, NTC has been the recipient of the Hire Power Award.



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