Malcolm CasSelle, WAX’s President

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Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is a platform with decentralized features that enables traders to participate in the trading of virtual game assets. WAX has made the transfer of assets possible to games that were not able to access the marketplace and again reduce the cost of the transaction.

WAX has come up with a body known as Transfer Agents to monitor the challenge faced by tokenizing assets. Transfer Agents will work under a supervisory committee known as Guild whose primary job will be to rate transfer agents. WAX operations and governance have been decentralized for easy fractionalization of physical assets which in turn creates new possibilities for collectors and fans to trade.

FRID and IoT technologies is a great tool that Guild and transfer agents are planning to implement for easy tracking of assets location in real time; this will facilitate the right connection between WAX tokens and the right owner.

About Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is successful both academically and in leadership. He holds a masters degree from Stanford University and bachelor’s degree from MIT University; the two degrees are in computer science. Malcolm communicates fluently in both Japanese and Mandarin. He has a long successful career bath.

Malcolm CasSelle is the current CEO and president of Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) and the CIO of OPSkins. WAX is rated among the best marketplace to buy and sell online video games items. Malcolm worked for many companies before joining WAX. Among the companies that he worked for include tranc where he was the CTO and president and SeaChange Int’l where was the CEO among others. He also led startups such as MediaPass a digital subscription solution, Xfire which deals with social network gaming and Groupon among others.

Malcolm has also invested in several international companies such as Zynga and Facebook. Malcolm CasSelle was a co-founder of PCCW a Hong Kong-based telecom industry that is currently worth over $ 35 billion. When at PCCW Malcolm assisted in the company’s growth that led to its financial stability. Malcolm is skilled in technology and sales and marketing and has three major locations that he works from. The locations are Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Silicon Valley.