Lime Crime: Redefining Liberal Hair Cosmetics Industry

The founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, Doe Deere, has a multicultural background. Fondly known as the Unicorn Queen in reference to the unique products her company specializes in, Doe Deere is cultural diverse having been born in Russia. However, she grew up in New York. Her multicultural background is reflected in the rainbow-hued and liberal hair cosmetic products the company manufacturers and supply to its diverse global client base. She notes that she draws inspiration from not only the employees and clients; the critics offer valuable lessons on how to customize their products and realign them to meet the ever complex demands of the clients.


The Unicorn Queen has redefined freedom and self-expression when it comes to hair dye industry. Their clients have greater autonomy when it comes to expressing their inner feelings using products that come in a wide range of colors. The products defy the conventional natural or best look that many hair products manufacturers and suppliers have modeled their products around for many decades. Their products are developed with the contemporary philosophy of what hair color their client feels is right at that moment. They come in a wide variety of bright colors, which gives a happy sensation and feeling and adds fun to hair dyeing.


Towards Environmentally Friendly Products


One of the greatest concerns today is environmentally pollution. Industry regulators and customers are increasingly concerned about the safety of the products they use not only to themselves but also to the environment. Lime Crime ensures that their products are environmentally friendly by manufacturing their products using vegan formulas, which have no harmful side effects on the users. The company’s manufactured are thoroughly vetted to ensure that they do not involve any form of animal cruelty. The company endeavors to give their clients a fantasy look free from harmful chemicals and chance to stand out. Its unwavering commitment to turning their clients into expressive fairies has played a critical role in the company’s global popularity.


Lime Crime’s unique product lines have a longevity that feeds into their fairytale look. The hair dyes are semi-permanent and come in over a dozen shades. For variation, the company also has tilt and full coverage variants. Customers can also mix the bright colors to give them a hue that matches their desires and personalities. The company has also embraced e-commerce due to its convenience and ability to reach overseas. Customers can conveniently place their orders online and wait for them to be shipped to them.


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