How EOS Changed The Lip Care Industry

Changing Lip Balm

For many years, lip balm in a long circular tube that we’ve all seen before. Many brands and flavors to choose from have always been available to those looking for a lip product, but EOS, or Evolution of Smooth has changed the way we view lip balm forever. As read in a recent article, it’s important to know about this vastly growing company and why their products outdo the rest.

A New Shape

Not only did Evolution of Smooth change up the look of your typical lip balm but they added fun new flavors you’ve never heard of. You can find EOS lip balm orbs, in a spherical colored tube that is simply adorable. After making the product stand out from all the rest, they slapped a $3 price tag on Target make it comparable to others, and the rest is history.

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The Logistics

Evolution of Smooth is said to be an all natural and hypoallergenic product; which is desirable for everyone. Evolution of Smooth currently sells one million units per week and is only expected to grow. You will see some of the biggest celebrities using this organic, affordable product as well which makes it even more desirable. Though getting it on the market wasn’t an easy feat, when they were finally able to they made it a point to advertise on Facebook a lot and have beauty bloggers review their all natural, unique lip balm. Limited edition sets during different holidays or surrounding certain brands were a huge success and they continue to advertise more than any lip balm company in the industry. There is no doubt their great success will continue in the years to come.

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