How Cotemar is Empowering the Oil and Gas Industry in Mexico

Cotemar is a private company that was established in 1979 to provide construction and support services to the energy industry in Mexico. Pemex, the government-backed oil and gas conglomerate is the primary client for Cotemar. The Mexican government is going through the process of enabling the private sector to participate in energy production and marketing. Mexico exports crude oil. The current demand is more than the country can produce.


The state recently allowed Pemex to expand quickly and partner with strategic private sector players. This is a policy move that is aimed at attracting more investors to the industry to achieve increased revenues, especially for the government. Cotemar is uniquely positioned to exploit this opportunity as the company has been providing Pemex support services for over thirty-five years. The company has grown rapidly to realize over seven billion dollars in annual revenues.


Cotemar offers petroleum services, maritime services, offshore oil rigs maintenance, specialized transport and operational ships, and offshore construction and commissioning. The firm is responsible for over two hundred offshore platforms situated mostly in Mexican waters. It is responsible for ensuring that oil and gas facilities maintain a high level of safety and profitability.


Offshore facilities operate for extended periods. Cotemar utilizes cutting edge technologies to ensure they are cost effective and remain in production long enough to maximize the investment. Maritime services include custom towing and transport ships to move large structures, personnel, and supplies to sites as well as oil and other liquids collected from the sites. There are fire-fighting ships and specialized hospitality facilities that provide catering and accommodation to personnel working offshore for extended periods.


It provides work decks to enable the assembly of pre-manufactured structures and submersible platforms that facilitate diving and process line repairs. Additionally, the company offers accommodation, food preparation, laundry services, and recreational spaces such as gyms, sports courts, and entertainment rooms.


Cotemar strives to keep the oil and gas facilities up-to-date, safe and productive. Its specialty includes design, construction and maintenance of offshore oil rigs, custom maritime support services and personnel hospitality services. The company is committed to creating new business opportunities to grow available talent. It’s passionate about empowering and training its human capital to keep up with the dynamic trends of the energy industry. The owners and senior management are known to be extraordinarily straightforward and friendly.


As a service company, Cotemar is always innovating and evolving to deliver value to its clients. A big part of its service offering includes upgrading, updating and expanding existing rigs to make sure they stay safe and efficient.


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