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Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory firm located in Austin, TX. Their goal is to make a positive and significant in the lives of their clients be it families, small business or individuals. Richard Blair is an advisor and founder of this Registered Investment Advisory (RIA)firm.

They follow a regimented Financial Planning Process to ensure success is found. His goal is to provide wealth planning and retirement services through a plan that will allow his clients to find all of their financial goals.

His plan guides his clients through three pillars to ensure they have a plan that fits their needs. This gives the firm the ability create customized plans for each client properly understanding each financial situation.

Pillar 1 is created to identify a plan for the future. It allows understanding of goals, risk aversion, growth opportunities among other items. Understanding the groundwork of the client, where they are and where they want to go gives an opportunity to identify the way to get there.

Pillar 2 is used to develop a long-term strategy. The firm manages assets to ensure perform over the duration is positive even during negative markets.

Pillar 3 deals directly with insurance needs.  Long-term care can be a heavy financial burden that he addresses fully to ensure they are successful.

Richard Blair has had a passion for learning and education that came from his mother and grandmother. His helping people and seeing them grow is a driving force for why Richard Blair entered into this field. He attended the University of Houston and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Finance.

According to Bright Scope, after graduating in 1993 he entered into the finance industry and in 1994 started Richard Blair Wealth Solutions. He has the ability to help people and get to know them to a degree and work through the pillars mentioned above to achieve his client’s financial goals both through investments and retirement.

His experience over the last two decades have helped countless clients reach their dreams and he has learned and taught every step of the way.

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