George Soros’ Philanthropic Efforts

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Soros hired Dawn Fitzpatrick to be the CIO of Soros Fund Management after an already successful body of work on Wall Street. Soros Fund Management is a New York based hedge management firm. He is also the founder of the Open Society Foundations.

At age 83 George Soros gave the Open Society Foundations $40-million. The Open Society Foundations is made up of a number of grant-makers and a nonprofit called the Open Society Institute. These grant makers and nonprofits are primarily funded by Soros in order to provide education, supply healthcare, improve living conditions, and support democratic institutions that make human rights the number one concern of governments the world over. Read his profile at Forbes.

The nonprofit the Open Society Institute supports the development of representative institutions in Central and Easter Europe. In order to support the region’s democracies and pull countries out poverty, this charitable work has seen helped stabilize tumultuous areas, dramatically improve the living conditions of local citizens, and reduces instances of widespread human rights violations.

Open Society Foundations have given away upwards of $180-million in one year, including sizeable amounts to support liberal-arts programs at four-year colleges around the country and internationally. Other education grants have supported university campus infrastructures like the campus of the American University of Central Asia.

His philanthropic efforts while largely focusing on education have also been in the service of improving global diplomatic efforts. His work in countries other than his own has opened doors and created opportunities for America and her citizens at large. In 2005, he began to focus a lot of his charitable efforts and attention on his out of country foundations that focused on these very goals. George Soros also focused on nonprofits that supported human rights efforts internationally. These human rights efforts included better treatment of woman and access to healthcare for everyone who needs it.

George Soros has funded charitable organizations and nonprofits around the globe and continues this work today. The donations of millions of dollars both in American and overseas have improved the lives of people in many countries and helped countries overcome with complicated economic and human rights issues.

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