End Citizens United Raises Quite A Lot Of Money

End Citizens United is a PAC that was built to ensure that Citizens United will end as an organization. The campaign finance laws that are on the books today are simply not strong enough, and this article explains how someone may add to the cause by supporting a change in the law. The campaigns that are run today are often cash races to see who will raise the most money, and End Citizens United wishes to stop all of that.


#1: What Is Their Goal?


The PAC wants to see Citizens United stop operating, and they wish to see the business of giving to campaigns without sopping end. They believe that there is a way to make the world a better place without all the money that is given to political campaigns, and they wish to see the playing field leveled for all.


#2: How To change The Law?


The law must be changed to ensure that everyone who is running for office is held to the same rules as everyone else. They do not believe that anyone should be allowed to buy an office, and they believe that PACs such as Citizens United cannot be allowed to continue. The American government is not healthy because the financing of campaign is not healthy, and they will continue to push until some sort of law is passed.


#3: How Long Does The Process Last?


The process of changing the laws of campaign finance may take years. One law may beget another, and it will be a matter of time beforee a final piece of legislation is pushed through that helps the government move on from an ugly age of raising money without thought for anyone else.


#4: Will Citizens United End?


Citizens United will have to end when the laws are changed in favor of balanced financing, and there will come a time when special interests are simply not entertained as a part of the political conversation. It has been this way for far too long, and End Citizens United recently raised $4 million to help with the cause. They need all the funds they may find to do the work of educating the people. They wish to reach out to the public to help train them about the problems of campaign financing, and they have an active social media presence that releases information about financing all the time.


The purpose of End Citizens United is to bring fairness back into the campaign financing of America. They believe that politics will change when the finances that are used to run campaigns are equalized. A new law must be passed to that end, and the law change will stop Citizens United in its tracks.


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  1. Allison Derrick Post author

    this notion of politics being sanitized in a way to avoid money to largely decide the leadership is what I like End United for. Also http://customessaysreviews.com/bid4papers-com-review/ is a good source if you are looking for a solid solution to the work that they raise money for. In the world today new laws can be passed to help make this change possible for all.

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