End Citizens United on Their Road to Clean Campaign Money

Campaign financing has always been an issue not just in the United States but in other countries as well. The candidates get a lot of money, which cannot be traced, and if it is traced, it is found to be coming from dark sources. The End Citizens United is working tirelessly to ensure that all candidates have equal chances of being elected by fighting against the Supreme Court ruling of 2010 that made it possible for political candidates to be endorsed and receive campaign funds from union and corporate donations as well as PACs, which raises and spends unlimited amount of money.


In 2017, End Citizens United has managed to collect an amount more than $4million, although they need $35 more in order to support some candidates and cover their campaigns through media in creating awareness to the people about the sources of campaign money and the effects they have on the political future of the country.


End Citizens has always supported democrats since its inception, mainly because the democratic candidates are in their opinion more likely to go to the senate and pass bills that will later be enacted into law and put an end to the flow of untraced money during campaign times. Although the committee has raised less money as compared to last year when they had support from the team Hillary group of people, they still have managed to get donations from 100, 000 during the first quarter of the year and each individual is not allowed to donated more than $5,000. This year, End United is supporting a young first time political candidate, Jon Ossoff, who is 30 years old from Georgia.


The committee is still looking forward to the campaigns they will support come next year. Although, according to Muller, the group will most likely support democratic senators, Sherrod Brown of Ohio and John Tester of Montana. End Citizens United’s main goal is to pass a constitutional amendment that will reverse the Supreme Court decision, which was passed in 2010 and gave rise to the super PACS that now control the political money channels and flow.


To successfully pass this constitutional amendment, the group is out seeking for donors from grass roots to finance its activities and to collect signatures that will be used to petition the Supreme Court. They are also supporting candidates, especially democrats, whom they believe will support this bill when the time comes. They are looking to support people who can reverse this ruling and put an end to groups like the Koch brothers who are among the people controlling dark money.


A group like End Citizens United creates awareness to the citizens about all the decisions that are made by the Supreme Court, thus lowering the chances of unconstitutional rulings since all the citizens will be watching.