End Citizen United Supports Johnsons Amendment

In the recent times, the United States has been experiencing a lot of changes. The country selected a new president last year in November, but there have been a lot of tensions in the large nation. The public has been focusing on the investigations that are being carried out by Russia, and they involve the president of the nation, Donald Trump. The investigations want to understand the president and administration. While this is taking place, the Republican leaders in the country are doing their best to strip some of the most paramount campaign finance laws in the United States. Several years ago, the Supreme Court in the country allowed most of the corporations and unions in the country some important rights during the Citizen United decision that was made in the year 2010. People in the nation are wondering whether the Supreme Court will give the same rights to the nonprofit organizations in the country such as churches. The people believe that this will only take place when the president and his close associates are given the opportunity to have and exercise their own ways.

Several months ago, the American president made it clear when he decided to sign an execution order that will be expected to make the Johnson Amendment weak. The amendment has several consequences on the American people because it will be allowing several organizations in the society such as churches from indirectly and directly taking place in the American political campaigns that will be supporting or even opposing a certain candidate. The House is also believed to be in a bid to destroy the amendment completely before it has made an impact in the lives of the people in the society.

End Citizen United is a powerful and influential Pac that was founded several years ago so that it can bring reforms in the American campaign financial system. The organization supports the democratic side in the American politics, and it has been doing so well despite the challenges that it has been forced to endure. Since it was introduced into the country, End Citizen United has managed to raise millions of dollars so that it can make the lives of the people better. The institution wants to ensure that the people who are elected into powerful offices are not supported by black money and wealthy individuals in the society. End Citizen has already supported numerous candidates in their election in the recent times, proving that it is ready for the tough challenges that it might face in the future.

In August this year, the Pac announced to its followers in the country, clearly indicating that it was going to oppose the administrator’s attempts to strip all the crucial protections that were given by the popular Johnson Amendment. The amendment had been introduced into the country by one of the senators, known as Lyndon Johnson. Read more;https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/End_Ci tizens_United