CTRMA Offers Traffic Solutions for Williamson County

In late December 2016, the transit experts of the Williamson County met to discuss the challenges surrounding the traffic sector in the region. The meeting marked the 19th annual Williamson Growth Summit.

The stakeholders in the meeting included Mike Heiligenstein the Executive Director of CTRMA, Leandre Johnson Texas External Director for Uber Technologies, Joseph Kopser the founder RideScoutt LLC, and Jared Ficklin from AgroDesign.

They met at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center to discuss the different issues surrounding the transport sector. The experts discussed different factors including:

The role of technology

Technology has changed the transport system in the County and beyond. According to Mike, technology is playing an important role in transforming the transport department of the region. He noted that the ridesharing apps could rapidly change the transportation infrastructure.

Mike Heiligenstein, however, commented that the County still needs to invest in growing its capacity especially in building smarter roads. Having better and smarter roads is the only way to cater for the increased population.

The ridesharing apps like Uber have revolutionized the transport sector. Leandre Johnson of Uber said that the Company was working with the community to create last-mile solutions to get the people out of the public transit.

The growing population

According to Ficklin, the Williamson County Policymakers need to prepare for the future by providing flexible building and lands codes.

It is crucial for the leaders of the region to maximize on the available spaces. The parking garages of the future need to be constructed with multiple levels. They also need to be about five ft. tall.

About Mike Heiligenstein

According to Crunchbase, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, founded in 2002 was established with the sole mandate of providing traffic solutions for the Travis and Williamson Counties. It is an independent government agency

Mike is the Executive Director of the agency, and he joined in 2003. Mike was chosen among the three finalists by the Governor of the State.

Before joining CTRMA, Mike was serving as a county council member of Round Rock City for eight years. He was also the Williamson County commissioner for 15 years. In 2009, Mike was named to the Texas Transportation Institute Advisory Council.

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