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Migrant Rights International Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Recently, Migrant Rights International marked 20 years of advocating for migrants’ rights worldwide. The organization has been a key player in the field. Over the years, the organisation has worked hard to ensure that immigrants enjoy all their human rights regardless of their race or religion. Learn more about Lacey… Read more »

The Success Of NewsWatch TV And A Review Of Their Media Production Business

NewsWatch is an American media company that focuses on content production. The company has a morning segment that attracts a wide viewership. The content of the morning segment revolves around politics, news emerging trends and celebrity news. Other than these, NewsWatch does product reviews for especially emerging products within the… Read more »

A Guide on the Human Rights Advocate Groups and the Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin stand as the base founders of the reputable Phoenix New Times and the Village Voice Media. In some past few years, the two dedicated an enormous amount of settlement money that arose after their arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The fund is used in the… Read more »