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Betsy DeVos: The Woman Bringing About Change In American School Systems

Betsy DeVos is one of the most affluent members of the United States government and someone who cares deeply about the education system in the country. She is the current Minister of Education in the cabinet of President Donald Trump. She is an incredibly important member who is working hard… Read more »

What Exactly are Civil Rights and How Lacey and Larkin are Helping Attorneys

There are many attorneys in their professional careers that have decided to specialize their career path in defending civil rights. These are often called civil right attorneys. The path of those attorneys (or lawyers) can be hard, as there is much to learn and a lot to experience in one… Read more »

Sports Leads To Business Success For IDLife Founder Logan Stout

The long and successful career of sports coaching and lifestyle expert Logan Stout has gone from strength to strength over the years as the founder and CEO of IDLife has moved into the business world with his successful shakes and energy drinks business. In his career as an athlete Long… Read more »